Monday , February 27 2017

Bilawal pays tribute to Salman Taseer

Bilawal pays tribute to Salman Taseer

KARACHI Pakistan Peoples birthday party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari paid tribute to former Punjab governor Salman Taseer on his fifth death anniversary to be observed on Wednesday.

In a observation issued with the aid of the PPP, Bilawal stated Salman Taseer proved that Pakistan is for all and protection of vulnerable and inclined folks, together with the minorities is a sacred responsibility of every nationalist Pakistani who follows the ideology of the u . s . a .’s founding fathers.

He brought up that Taseer stood like rock against the misuse of laws intended to protect the sanctity of every faith with the aid of bigots and hypocrite parts bent upon to settle their private rankings in opposition to weaker opponents.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari mentioned bigotry and extremism have been breeding terrorism and other people of Pakistan will have to eliminate these maladies and establish a truly egalitarian Muslim majority society standing tall as a adaptation nation within the Islamic in addition to the modern world.

He mentioned that certain elements wish to hang individuals hostage at gun-point with the aid of exploiting certain regulations but they don’t comprehend that in the presence of PPP and the followers like Salman Taseer and others their nefarious designs gained’t succeed in Pakistan.

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