Chinese professor addresses in Urdu, stresses its significance as global language

KARACHI: A Chinese professor surprised the audience when he addressed a seminar completely in fluent Urdu.Prof Dr Tang Meng Sheng of Peking University was in Karachi recently to attend a conference in connection with China-Pakistan Economic Corridor being held in metropolis.Dr Tang is Director Centre for Pak Studies, Foreign Languages, Urdu Department at the university.Address the session, Professor Tang stated, “CPEC is highly important for the economic development as well as the political stability between Pakistan and China.” Taking the occasion to stress over the significance of Urdu as a global language he stated how before the initiation of project CPEC only two universities in China taught Urdu as a subject. “However after CPEC there are some 10 universities now that have introduced Urdu as part of their curriculum,” Tang said. Referring to an earlier seminar about CPEC that Professor Tang hosted in China in January, he stated that the frequency of seminars conducted at universities and research centres regarding project CPEC has also definitely increased. Speaking fervently in fluent Urdu, Professor Tang added, “This proves that the people of China want and like to see a stronger, happier and prosperous Pakistan.”

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