Monday , February 27 2017

Family of minor girl tortured by judge, pardons abuser

Family of minor girl tortured by judge, pardons abuser

ISLAMABAD: The family of a minor girl, who was tortured by a sitting Additional District and Session Judge East, Islamabad, has reached an agreement with the abuser and pardoned him.

The parents of ten-year-old Tayyaba filed an affidavit with the court informing that they have pardoned the accused in the name of Allah without any pressure.

The father stated that he himself investigated the matter and found that the case has been filed with wrong and baseless information and that he has no reservation if the man is released on bail. Last Friday, Tayyaba was jointly recovered by Islamabad police and Women Center Islamabad from her employer’s residence. She was rescued by the Women Center Islamabad and the local police station, and was handed over to the Center on orders of Assistant Commissioner Islamabad. After police recovered Tayyaba from the judge’s residence she was taken to the Commissioner’s office for giving her statement and later handed over to the Women Center.

A medical examination was carried out to ascertain the injuries she has suffered, including burn marks on her hands, and the results are still awaited. Tayyaba told ‘The News’ that she was often abused by her employer’s wife especially if things were not found in their place. “This time she hit me on the face with something very hard and also burnt my fingers,” Tayyaba added.

Her police report states that the severe bruising on her swollen face is a result of falling down the staircase. According to Tayyaba, she began working two years ago as a full time worker at the house of Add Judge Raja Khurram and travelled to Islamabad in a bus with a relative whom she refers to as “Nani”. The ten-year-old domestic worker is unaware of her salary but said that whatever she earns is sent to her parents. Her parents had taken a loan of six thousand from her employers which was also to be paid off from Tayyaba’s salary.

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