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Famous quotes from Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Famous quotes from Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was a charismatic and exuberant leader whose quotes have managed to attract attention long after he has been gone. The former Prime Minister was hung by the dictatorial regime of Zia-ul-Haq but his effective words continue to strike a chord with the masses till date.

Here are a couple of famous Zulfikar Ali Bhutto quotes on the occasion of his 89th birth anniversary:-

“I would much rather be destroyed by military than by history”

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was always suspicious that his trial was a mere formality and that justice would not be dispensed. This was said by the PPP founder when he knew for certain that he would be hanged.

“They are going to kill me. It doesn’t matter what evidence you or anyone comes up with. They are going to murder me for murder I didn’t commit”

This quote of Bhutto was narrated by Benazir in her autobiography, Daughter of the East. As can be judged from the quote, Bhutto knew presenting evidence or justifications was futile in front of an enemy that was determined to eliminate him at all costs.

“If the people wanted my head I would bow without demur. If I had lost the confidence or respect of the people I would not want to live. The tragedy of the drama is that the very opposite is true.”

This was written by Bhutto in one of documented letters to his attorney whilst discussing the murder trial. As can be seen, the former Prime Minister was well aware of his popularity with the masses.

“Jammu and Kashmir is more a part of Pakistan than it can ever be with India, with all her eloquence and all her extravagance with words. Jammu and Kashmir is part of Pakistan, in blood, in flesh, in culture, in history, in geography. In every way and in every form.”

Before he founded the PPP and went on to win the elections, Bhutto had served as the Foreign Minister in Ayub Khan’s cabinet. This was one of his speeches in the United Nations in which he presented Pakistan’s case with regard to its association with Kashmir as compared to India.

“We will eat grass if we have to but we will make the nuclear bomb”

It was during Bhutto’s era that Pakistan commenced its nuclear program. These words clearly depicted his ambition to ensure Pakistan was equipped with nuclear arsenal to counter the threat that neighbouring India posed to it.

“Maang raha hai har insan, roti kapra aur makaan”

This was the slogan that achieved immense popularity throughout Pakistan and is relevant even till this day for the poor people of Pakistan.

“We will go back and fight. My country harkens for me, why should I waste my time here?”

This was said by Bhutto during a famous speech of his at the UN Security Council. Angry at the world powers for spectating silently while India was clearly the aggressor and Pakistan was the victim of aggression, Bhutto stormed off with his officials after his scathing speech.

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