Sunday , February 19 2017

Kangana Ranaut claims she had almost signed an adult film

Kangana Ranaut claims she had almost signed an adult film

MUMBAI: Bollywood superstar Kangana Ranaut claimed in a recent interview that earlier on in her career, the Queen actress had almost signed an adult film, before she proved her mettle in super hit films.

We all know Kangana Ranaut made her debut with the romantic crime drama Gangster, which showcased her talent and paved the way for the actress to sign bigger and better movies that ultimately made her a National Award winning actress. However, before Kangana made it big in the industry, she claimed in a recent interview that she had almost signed an adult film.

“I think the first ever would be the break that I got from my film Gangster because I remember getting a very shady offer, I think it was not a right movie. But I was like, ‘Okay, fine, I’ll do it,'” she said.

“And then I did a photo shoot and then they gave me robe and there was nothing inside the robe. And it looked like some blue film or something and I was like, ‘This doesn’t look right’. Because it’s obviously not the right film,” said the Bollywood actress.

Kangana then proceeded on to tell how her producer was furious at her, after she decided to forego that ‘shady’ project and instead opted for Gangster, which turned things around for her.

Kangana Ranaut will next be seen in a movie Rangoon which features Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor as well.

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