Sunday , February 19 2017

Life imitating art: ´1984´ a best-seller again

Life imitating art: ´1984´ a best-seller again

WASHINGTON: Amid a seemingly unending struggle with the new US president over fact and untruth, George Orwell´s “1984” has grow to be a best-vendor again.

The dystopian novel featuring a so-called “ministry of fact” that distorts truth was once the #1 seller on Amazon´s US e book record on Wednesday.

gross sales of the ebook had been spiking amid comments by President Donald Trump and his aides that appear to fly within the face of the facts, including one justifying the use of “different details.”

CNN, among the first outlets to report the soar in gross sales, stated the publishing house Penguin Books ordered an strangely massive reprint of seventy five,000 copies to satisfy surprising demand.

the unconventional, released in 1949, introduced the term “doublethink,” which consistent with Orwell “means the power of preserving two contradictory beliefs in one´s mind concurrently, and accepting each of them.”

within the e-book, an all-powerful state makes an attempt to regulate people´s ideas and suppress any dissenting views.

Psychologist and creator Marilyn Wedge stated in a blog publish that she sees parallels to the current situation.

“Donald Trump is attempting to twist the norms of our democracy to his own will,” she stated. “He is attempting to tell us to believe what he and his advisors say somewhat than what our eyes inform us.”

The Orwell ebook will not be the one dystopian novel to get renewed passion. On Amazon´s listing, Aldous Huxley´s “brave New World” was once number 31 and Sinclair Lewis´s “it will probably´t happen here” number 36.

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