Monday , February 27 2017

‘Mass molestation’ of women takes place in Bangalore on New Year’s Eve

'Mass molestation' of women takes place in Bangalore on New Year's Eve

BANGALORE: Scores of women were subjected to sexual abuse, molestation and lewd remarks as they took to celebrating New Year’s Eve in two popular destinations of the city, on Saturday night.

According to details, countless women were subjected to sexual abuse and molestation when they tried to celebrate New Year’s Eve on Saturday night at two central roads of Bangalore, MG Road and Brigade Road. At around 11 pm, drunk hooligans started molesting women, who were caught in between a crowd of men, brazenly in front of 1,500 police officers who were stationed there to protect the women.

Photojournalists belonging to the publication the Bangalore Mirror caught images of men molesting women and frantic females seeking help from women police officers as all hell broke loose around midnight. However, the police officers deployed to protect women from any untoward incident, were too few in number to actually make a difference.

Mass molestation

“I personally went and asked one of the cops deployed on the streets to go to the aid of two women being accosted by a group of youth on MG Road. He went and chased them but they were back to the spot in a couple of minutes. There was nothing much that they could do as the group was back and the women were also in the same crowd,” said a man who was accompanying his wife when the ruckus began.

As crowd control began, many women could be seen running towards female police officers with their stilettos in hand, weeping.

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